St. Elias Seminary



With this public announcement, by and under the authority of the Eparchy of the Old Dominion (Archbishop SERAPHIM) The Eparchy of the Old Dominion immediately disassociates itself from the Brothers of Divine Mercy (BODM).
Moreover, as Chancellor of St. Elias Seminary, the Eparch, Archbishop Seraphim, immediately breaks with, for all legal purposes, and completely removes the Brothers of Divine Mercy from St. Elias Seminary.
The Brothers of Divine Mercy, their individual members and collective entity,  are no longer given the authority to represent St. Elias, or act on any matter pertaining thereto, nor represent, nor bind St. Elias Seminary (or the Eparchy) in any representation verbal or written whatsoever. They are not authorized to transact any contracts, incur debts, or any legal, fiduciary transaction on behalf of St. Elias or the Eparchy. Any act to the contrary  constitutes fraud and malfeasance and unauthorized activity. The Brothers of Divine Mercy, their members and collective body, are completely and unequivocally and immediately separated from St. Elias and the Eparchy. Local, State and National authorities, as well as, Ecclesiastical authorities have been notified of same. For any further inquiry please write the Eparch/Chancellor at the Eparchal web/email address. .


Greetings in Christ.

Welcome to St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School. It is our prayer that you will find your program or course of study to be challenging and illuminating. Our hope is that you will use your education to edify the body of Christ and serve the community around you in order to further the work of the Holy Gospel.

On this website, you will find the information that you will need to begin and continue your studies with
St. Elias. Periodic updates are posted on the St. Elias website or sent by e-mail and postal service.

If this is your first experience with distance learning, you will find it to be a greater challenge as you are personally more responsible for your education than with a residential program of study. To learn effectively, you must schedule regular study periods and couple these with prayer. It is important that you plan your time accordingly and follow through with your plan.

St. Elias has designed programs and courses so the student can progress at his or her own pace at home, and still receive the excellent training demanded in today’s society. The educational methods used at St. Elias are valid and have proven effective in training for Holy Orders, Orthodox education, counseling, sacred music, and service as a chaplain. Our programs use correspondence, long distance learning, and residential seminar courses of study, giving our students a full range of educational methods that enhance study and learning.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school by mail, e-mail, or telephone. We are here to assist you in any way we can to realize your spiritual and professional goals. May God bless you as you begin your studies.

With love in Christ,
ABp + Seraphim



St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School is a recognized 501-c3 nonprofit, religious educational institution incorporated in Nebraska and authorized to conduct business in Virginia by the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its primary purpose is to offer theological training for Orthodox clergy and professional undergraduate and graduate theological programs. St. Elias is exempt from the requirements of regulations and oversight of the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education according to Title 281, Chapter 2 of the Nebraska Administrative Code. It is also exempt from the requirements of certification of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia pursuant to section 8 VAC 40-31-50 of the Virginia Administrative Code.